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Capture the Most Magical Moments: Top Times for Your Dream Wedding Photos

Planning the perfect wedding photos goes beyond choosing your photographer. The time of day you capture those precious moments can make all the difference. Exciting factors like the time of year, weather, and location play a role in shaping your stunning photo collection. Let's dive into the best and not-so-great times for those picture-perfect memories!

1. When to Shine

The enchanting golden hour! The ultimate time to capture your love story on camera. Golden hour blesses us with its soft, diffused lighting—truly a magical sight. It's when the sun nestles close to the horizon, an hour before sunset. So, why is it perfect for your wedding photos? Well, you'll feel a tad cooler, ensuring comfort for you and your bridal party. For photographers, this lighting is pure art, offering room to play with angles and create mesmerising shots. 

2. Planning Your Big Moment

If you're yearning for golden hour photos, incorporate it into your wedding timeline. For early-day weddings, golden hour might fall during the reception—not the ideal photo-snapping moment. Where possible, opt for a later afternoon ceremony to bask in the golden glow after you say, "I do." This way, you won't miss your dream photos or celebrating with your guests.

3. Sunsets Through the Seasons

The season of your wedding brings its unique charm to sunset time. In summery months, sunsets are later (around 7pm onwards), offering an extended golden hour. However, winter paints a different picture with early sunsets (4pm onwards) and quicker fading light (5pm the latest). Winter wedding ceremonies might need to begin earlier to embrace the golden hour magic.

4. Weather Wonders

Mother nature adds her touch to the light, depending on the weather. Cloudy days mean faster fading light, and achieving golden hour magic becomes a tad trickier. But hey, don't worry! Overcast days gift us with stunning photos overall, no harsh shadows to fret about. 

5. Find the Perfect Spot

Your chosen photo locations influence the timing and duration of your shoot. Take beach photos, for example—they bask in golden light for longer, giving you endless opportunities. In bustling cityscapes or deep valleys, light is limited, and shadows come into play. Each location paints a different story.

6. Love At First Glance

For those who don't want to fuss over timing after the ceremony, we've got you covered! Consider a first look photoshoot before the ceremony. 

7. Grace In The Shade

Sometimes, the midday sun can't be avoided, but don't worry! Seek out locations with natural shade. No squinting in photos, blown-out skin tones or washed-out backgrounds! 

8. Clashing Times

No worries if sunset doesn't fit your schedule! We've got a fantastic solution for you! During the vibrant spring and summer months, sunset might coincide with the reception, but that won't stop us from capturing that golden hour magic. Let's plan a quick 15-minute photo escapade during the reception! You and your sweetheart will have a delightful photo op, adding even more enchantment to your celebration!

9. Ask Us!

Each wedding is unique with its own combination of nuances. Allow us to be your wedding day wizard. Let us guide you to the best and not-so-great times for photos at your chosen location. Communication is the key to picture-perfect bliss!

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