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22 More Tips for Your Dream Wedding: A Comprehensive Planning Guide!

Planning your dream wedding can feel exhilarating and, yes, even a tad overwhelming at times. But guess what? You've got this! While professionals can lend a helping hand, there's something truly special about taking charge and infusing your personal touch into every detail. Whether it's your budget or your love for DIY projects, you have all the reasons to dive into the exciting adventure of planning your own wedding.

Now, let's talk organisation! It's the magical key that keeps everything in sync amidst the sea of decisions, lists, deadlines, and the buzz of everyday life. Give yourselves ample time to embark on this journey—aim for a year or so if you can. Oh, and don't forget to involve your significant other every step of the way. Together, you'll create a wedding that perfectly represents your beautiful love story.

So, where do you begin? Fear not, for we have all the answers to your burning questions. But here's the golden rule: Have fun! This is your moment, your celebration of love. So, take a breath, let go of those tiny details, and focus on what truly matters—the joy of sharing your love and commitment surrounded by your cherished friends and family.

Now, get ready to soak up our 22 fabulous tips on planning your wedding. From getting organised and navigating vendor contracts to preserving your sanity, we've got your back every step of the way. Embrace the journey, relish the process, and let the magic of love guide you to the most memorable day of your lives!

1. Construct a List of Wedding Priorities

Sit down with your sweetheart and identify the top three elements that mean the world to you both. Is it finding the perfect venue or a specific date? Maybe it's booking that amazing photographer or a live band that makes you groove. Prioritise these gems and be open to compromise on the rest. This way, you'll stay within your budget and focus on what truly matters.

2. Determine Your Wedding Style

Dive into bridal inspiration, from Pinterest to Instagram, magazines to trusted bridal sites (including Brides, of course!). Gather ideas, but don't get overwhelmed. Curate a Pinterest board or visual collage to discover your desired look and feel. Let it guide your design decisions and create a beautiful tapestry of your dreams.

3. Get Organised

Be it checklists, spreadsheets, or online tools, gather all your thoughts, budgets, and numbers in one place. Embrace the wonders of technology with helpful apps like WeddingHappy and AllSeated, keeping you on track and visualising seating charts with ease.

4. Buy a Wedding Planning Book

For those embarking on the planning adventure without a professional planner, a trusty etiquette and guidebook (like The Wedding Book) is a treasure trove of expert advice. Delve into examples of timelines, checklists, and savvy tips and tricks.

5. Create a Master Checklist

Our master wedding planning checklist and timeline are your go-to companions. Adapt them to suit your needs and conquer tasks like a pro. One step at a time, you'll visualise goals and avoid overwhelm.

6. Select a Theme

Choose a concept that resonates with your souls. It could be vibrant colours, seasonal inspiration, or even a unique theme like the Roaring Twenties or Festival Chic. With a clear aesthetic, your decisions flow effortlessly, creating a harmonious celebration.

7. Start Working on Your Guest List

Deciding who's on the guest list can be a puzzle, guided by your venue and budget. Sit down with your sweetheart and key family members, creating a wish list of cherished guests. Some trimming may be needed, and you'll also determine if children and plus ones are invited.

8. Talk to Other Married Couples

Tap into the knowledge of couples who have already taken this journey. If you've recently attended a fabulous wedding, seek advice and insights from the lovebirds themselves. Friends and family can be your greatest resources, sharing their expert tips and tricks.

9. Choose Your Wedding Party Wisely

Choose your wedding party wisely, enlisting friends and family for emotional and tactical support throughout the planning process and on the big day. Consider the size that works best for you, keeping in mind the responsibilities and expenses that come with each role.

10. Book Hotel Room Blocks

Whether it's a destination wedding or a local celebration, some guests will need a cozy place to rest their heads. Show your thoughtfulness by setting up hotel room blocks at select establishments. Not only will everyone be nearby, but you might also score special perks like discounted rates, free rooms, or delightful extras.

11. Make a Wedding Website

Escape the deluge of emails and text messages by creating a simple wedding website. Share essential information like dates, times, locations, dress codes, registries, and even health and safety guidelines. Let your invitations guide guests to this digital hub of joy.

12. Recruit More Hands on Deck

Remember, you're not alone in this adventure. Your bridal party, family members, and your soon-to-be spouse are eager to lend a helping hand. Don't hesitate to ask for assistance and delegate tasks, especially on the big day when those extra hands will be a blessing.

13. DIY Strategically

Add a personal touch to your wedding day with DIY decor elements. They're not only cost-effective but also imbue your celebration with heartfelt details. Just remember, strike a balance and don't overwhelm yourself. Get creative well in advance for favours and welcome bags, but for florals and food, professional assistance shines.

14. Take Some Time Off – Together

Amidst the whirlwind of wedding planning, remember to take time off as a couple. Schedule moments of pure relaxation and escape the planning frenzy. Trust us, you'll cherish these rejuvenating breaks. If possible, take the week before your wedding off from work to ensure a stress-free countdown.

15. Add Some Personal Touches

Weave familial and cultural customs into your celebration, creating traditions that will live on for generations to come. Embrace heartfelt touches that reflect your unique love story and make your wedding day truly yours.

16. Organise Transportation

Consider three types of transportation: one for you and the wedding party to the ceremony, a getaway car for you and your spouse to the reception, and group transportation for out-of-town guests. Get creative with transport options that complement your surroundings, adding a touch of charm.

17. Understand What You Don't Want

Your wedding is an expression of your love as a couple. If certain traditions don't resonate with you, feel outdated, or simply don't align with your style, let them go. Make choices that truly reflect your hearts and create a celebration that feels authentic.

18. Create a Social Media Strategy

Decide how you want to handle social media on your big day. Whether you encourage guests to share magical moments or prefer an unplugged atmosphere, plan accordingly. Hashtags, signage, and photo booths can ignite the social media frenzy, while a quick announcement can ensure an unplugged ceremony.

19. Allocate Toasts and Readings

Designate special VIPs for wedding toasts and distribute them between the rehearsal dinner and reception. Alternatively, consolidate all speeches into one event. You're responsible for notifying speakers, organising the order, and making sure everyone feels honoured. Include meaningful readings in the ceremony, celebrating cherished people beyond the wedding party.

20. Build a Playlist

Create a melodic tapestry that sets the mood for your joyous celebration. Compile a list of must-play songs, whether you have a live band, DJ, or play DJ yourself. Equally important, note the songs you definitely don't want to hear.

21. Write Vows

Take off your wedding planner hat for a moment and embrace your role as a soon-to-be-wed soul. Find a peaceful space to gather your thoughts and write your heartfelt vows. Go beyond love letters and infuse promises that will touch your partner's heart. Remember, vows are a sacred pledge.

22. Focus on the Big Picture

Savour the magical moments, for you're about to embark on a beautiful journey of marriage. Be present, feel the love, and let go of perfectionism. Guests will remember your radiance and joy, not the minute details. So, relax, enjoy each special moment with loved ones, and don't forget to savour a delicious meal. Blink, and the day will whisk by in a beautiful blur.

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