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9 Fun & Joyful Ways to Entertain Kids at Weddings: A Stress-Free Guide!

Deciding to include children at your wedding is a beautiful choice. Whether you have kids of your own or want to embrace and honour your loved ones' little ones, making them feel welcome is a heartfelt gesture. After all, you want everyone to have a magical time! So, let's sprinkle some fun and excitement into the day by ensuring the little ones are entertained and engaged.

Providing activities for kids at weddings is just as important as keeping them entertained during other events. Just like waiting patiently at the airport or in line, having engaging activities for the children ensures they have a blast too. Even if you have only one child attending, taking that extra step to make them feel cherished and cared for will be treasured by both the little one and their parents.

So, get ready to map out the details of your big day with these 9 delightful ideas to keep kids entertained at weddings. Let's create an atmosphere of joy and make memories that will last a lifetime!

1. Let the Kids Shine on the Dance Floor

Calling all little dancers! Inviting kids to join the dance floor will make them feel like the stars of the show. Kick off the evening by having the band play a few kid-friendly hits. They'll have a blast grooving alongside your other guests before the party kicks into high gear.

2. Welcome Bags That Wow

Prepare to dazzle the little guests with fabulous welcome bags, especially if you're hosting a wedding weekend. Aleah and Nick Valley recommend filling these special bags with treats like crayons, colouring pages, bubble wands, pinwheels, puzzles, and snacks. It's their very own treasure trove to keep them entertained throughout the celebration.

3. The Children's Tent Adventure

An outdoor wedding? Create a magical children's tent. A white-cloth tent nestled on the lawn becomes their secret hideaway. Fill it with cozy blankets, soft pillows, and plenty of fun activities to keep them entertained and create memories.

4. Craft Cards with Love

Let the kids express their congratulations with beautiful handmade cards. Set up a station with blank cardstock and an array of colourful crayons, markers, and coloured pencils. They'll enjoy creating heartfelt cards for the happy couple, which can be displayed for everyone to admire.

5. A Yummy Kid's Meal

Not every little one will have the same taste buds as adults, and that's okay. Speak to your caterer about including a kid's meal option with dishes that are approachable and enjoyable for the younger guests.

6. Cheers at the Kid's Bar

No alcohol here, but who says kids can't have special drinks too? Set up a dedicated bar space with a variety of juices. Consider having multiple drink dispensers or a cute tin cooler filled with juice boxes and their favourite thirst-quenching delights.

7. Entertainment Magic

Magicians or balloon artists are incredible entertainers for kids. Create a cozy area where the children can gather and be amazed by the show. It's a surefire way to keep them captivated and smiling throughout the festivities.

8. Playful Lawn Games

Bring out the fun with lawn games suitable for both kids and adults. Set up giant Jenga, giant Connect Four, a ring toss, or even a mini-golf course. Laughter and friendly competition are guaranteed for all ages.

9. A Special Place at the Kid's Table

Who says kid's tables are just for holiday gatherings? Make the little ones feel extra special by setting up a designated kid's table. Cover it with white or brown craft paper as the tablecloth and place crayons, small toys, and personalised place cards at each setting. It's a delightful space where they can enjoy their meal and create memories together.

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